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  • Bachelor of Business Management

    One of the crucial skills that makes one a professional is the ability to manage and lead others. Bachelors in business management and leadership makes one an expert and efficient enough to possess the caliber to manage every business organisation effectively.  Bachelors in management and leadership is designed for students desiring to earn a mix…

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  • Nursing in Canada During Covid-19

    The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in significant challenges for nurses, both professionally and personally. In these unprecedented times, new opportunities to reflect on practice have emerged. Through reflection, whether individually or with others, nurses can explore areas of their practice that could be developed and improved. This article outlines the types of…

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  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Canada)

    Fundamentals in Canadian Nursing Certificate (FCNC) A Fundamental in Canadian Nursing Certificate (FCNC) is 26 week online program for student to pursue from their home country. “After 26 weeks, the remaining program can be pursued in Canada”. The FCNC offers an affordable pathway for PGDCN Program and helps in reducing the student’s living expenses by…

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  • Admission Process

    Home Services Admission Process Admission Process Step 01 : Student enquiry about courses with your Admission officers team Step 02 : If you are eligible? Yes then, visit campus with your required documents,OR Step 03 : Register your Application and fill the enrolment form Click Here To Download Form Step 04 : Quality check procedure…

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  • Professional Development (short courses)

    Our online professional development short courses are designed to help students gain new and important skills or to improve on existing skills that will best prepare them for their international studies. The professional development courses are self-directed and can be completed at any time as part of SOIS’s program. Students, at any time, can select…

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  • Advanced Makeup Artistry Certificate

    Collaborative Certificate Program by GLOW College of Artistic Design, Canada SOIS is a name to reckon with when it comes to joining world-class courses and pursuing International Careers. Take your Beauty Profession dreams to a new level with this collaborative Advanced Certificate designed by Award Winning Canadian Institute, GLOW College of Artistic Design. Learn the…

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  • Level 4/5 Diploma of Business Management

    The undergraduate ATHE – Level 4/5 Extended Diploma in Business Management is an undergraduate program that perfectly suits to those students who have a strong desire of completing their bachelor degree from the leading universities of the world in the field of business and the management of the processes associated with it. This qualification is…

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  • Nail Extensions and Nail Art Certificate

    Course outline: Module Professional conduct Sanitization Client care an consideration Nail art design Acrylic and gel nail extensions Extensions refills and removal 3D Nail art Gelicure Reverse French Sculpture to nail Nail drill application and uses

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  • Get MBA admission in Top International MBA Colleges in Canada, UK, Australia and USA.

    Session Intakes 2020 24th February, 4th May, 3rd Aug and 2nd November The Master of Business Administration programme is awarded by University of Chichester, UK. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) (top-up) programme is offered to learners who already possess the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership qualification. An MBA is a passport…

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  • Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

    The School Of International Studies at Mohali is one of the Premier Institutes of Northern providing study BBA in Canada. The scholastic  framework of the institute is drafted with determined and sincere research; based on the requirements of the industry with assistance of highly qualified and dedicated academic team owning wide experience and study Bachelor of…

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